Submissions Guide and Resources

Submissions are an important part of the democratic process. Advocating for health may involve making submissions to policy makers or people of influence.

A submission is the presentation of people’s or organisation's opinions or views on a particular matter or issue under consideration. Submissions can be written and then reinforced through an oral presentation.

A submission provides evidence, experience, opinions, changes wanted and why.

Submissions can be very short (e.g. one page) or many pages. However they are more effective if they are relevant, clear, concise, accurate and include a conclusion.

Toi Te Ora Public Health makes a submission on a particular local issue or matter under consideration when it is in the interests of improving and protecting the health of the population. These written submissions are sometimes reinforced through an oral presentation by one of our team.


Have your say on issues relevant to public health in your community

You can have your say on areas related to public health and wellbeing in your community by making a submission to your local or regional council.

You can also give central government feedback on their plans before they make decisions. Your submissions are an important part of how government works.  Visit the New Zealand Government website to view the list of current consultations.


Guides to making a submission

Toi Te Ora has collated resources from around the country that you may find useful when making a submission to other agencies.