The Healthy Policies team works with councils, coalitions and organisations to promote local planning and policy-making that leads to good health outcomes for the community.


How we can help



The Healthy Policies team scans national and international literature and links with colleagues within Toi Te Ora and around New Zealand to provide up to date data, research and evidence to support policy advice.

  • Since 2008 Toi Te Ora has conducted a Population Survey every four years, on the knowledge, attitudes and perceptions of residents about a variety of topics.
  • Toi Te Ora has contributed to a number of evidence based position statements which have been adopted by the Bay of Plenty and Lakes District Health Boards.
  • Toi Te Ora can provide support with Health / Social / Integrated Impact Assessments to identify the impact a proposed policy, strategy, plan or project might have on community health and wellbeing.


Collaboration and Advocacy

Members of the Healthy Policies team meet regularly with councils and local and national organisations to work together and advocate for community health and wellbeing.

The team leads input from Toi Te Ora into council planning processes, including district, annual and ten year plans, as well as spatial and regional plans. Team members are also involved in council working groups and forums, and often contribute to council strategies and plans.

The Healthy Policies team works with each of the nine councils in the Bay of Plenty and Lakes Districts.

Members of the Healthy Policies team also hold relationships with a wide variety of organisations and agencies, including non-government organisations, health organisations, multi-sectorial groups and coalitions, and national healthy policies workforce.


Supporting Health in All Policies development

Health in All Policies is a collaborative approach that Bay of Plenty and Lakes District Health Boards have adopted to promote a population health lens over major policy decisions, both internally within District Health Boards and by other key sectors such as local government.