Smokefree legislation applies to retailers, licensed premises, sports clubs, and also to schools, early childhood centres and all employers.

The aims of smokefree law are to:

  • protect all workers and the public from second-hand smoke
  • reduce the harm caused to individuals by their smoking
  • further restrict minors’ (under 18) access to smoking products and prevent negative influences on young people
  • further promote a smokefree (auahi kore) lifestyle as the norm.

The role of Smokefree Enforcement Officers

Our Smokefree Enforcement Officers work to ensure compliance with the Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products Act 1990 by:

  • visiting tobacco retailers to remind them of their responsibilities and support them to maintain compliance;
  • conducting Controlled Purchase Operations with young volunteers to test tobacco retailer’s compliance;
  • visiting licensed premises to ensure their open areas (where smoking is allowed) comply with the requirements set out in the Act; and
  • responding to complaints and queries.

Contact your local Smokefree Enforcement Officer at Toi Te Ora Public Health for support to comply with the smokefree legislation.


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