Alcohol information for hospitality and industry

 The sale of alcohol requires a licence. Any licensee selling alcohol has a responsibility to uphold the conditions of their licence and any laws pertaining to the sale and supply of alcohol, as specified in the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.


What we do at Toi Te Ora Public Health

At Toi Te Ora Public Health we work to minimise harm caused to the public by the consumption of alcohol. This involves:

  • The Medical Officer of Health reporting on new licence and renewal applications. Download a Public Health Alcohol Questionnaire to accompnay your licence application Off License Public Health Alcohol Questionnaire or On/Club License Public Health Alcohol Questionnaire
  • Helping to enforce the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 – auditing licensed premises to ensure licence conditions are upheld.
  • Monitoring of alcohol related issues such as alcohol promotions.
  • Host responsibility training, advice and information for staff of licensed premises.
  • Submitting on alcohol-related issues to regional councils and government and helping the community have their say about local alcohol licensing.
  • Working alongside District Licensing Committees and police to support alcohol policies and support licensees to make improvements and overcome problems.
  • Developing resources to help licensees uphold their host responsibilities. Please see resources below.

For more information about what we do you can read our Position Statement on alcohol.

Resources and signage for vendors and licensees

Driving after drinking alcohol is a leading cause of fatal and serious injury crashes in the Bay of Plenty and Lakes regions.  The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 requires vendors/licensees to ensure free, comprehensive and accurate information is available to all customers, detailing the forms of transport on offer to enable them to travel onward or home from their premises.

Toi Te Ora Public Health has produced a number of resources that are available for licensed premises.  To view and print signage resources for your bar, pub or restaurant, please click on the below links.

The Health Promotion Agency also has a number of resources available for licensed premises.

Licence to sell alcohol

Any sale of alcohol, whether it's an on-licence, off-licence, club-license or a special event, requires a licence.  The sale of alcohol is tightly regulated.  If you would like to apply for a licence to sell alcohol the district licensing committees in the Bay of Plenty and Lakes districts are:

You can contact us for more information or to make a complaint about licensed premises.

Further information