Fluoride Toothpastes and Tablets

Our fluoride information for the public contains recommendations for people living in fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas and for information on water fluoridation see water fluoridation.

The Guidelines for the use of fluorides were developed primarily for providers of oral health care in New Zealand and they specifically address the use of topical fluoride treatments.

From November 2010 to January 2015, the Ministry of Health contracted Hutt Valley DHB as lead provider of the National Fluoridation Information Service (NFIS). This service monitored and assessed international work looking at the effectiveness and safety of water fluoridation programmes. The service was delivered by a consortium including the Hutt Valley DHB Community Dental Service, Regional Public Health, ESR, the Massey University Centre for Public Health Research, and the National Poisons Centre. The Ministry is now reviewing the type and scope of national services that may be required in future in relation to community water fluoridation.

Key documents published by NFIS are available on the Ministry of Health website:

The Ministry of Health website contains comprehensive information about water fluoridation, fluoride, oral health care and services.

Our Oral Health reports the results of the national 2009 oral health survey.  It presents key clinical and self-reported findings from the survey, focusing on oral health status, protective factors and service utilisation among the New Zealand population.

New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA) supports health professionals by providing information about oral health educational resources, research articles, jobs, programmes and activities related to oral health.